Taplak Meja Anti Air Motif Lemon – Lemon, 137x90cm

Taplak Meja Anti Air Motif Lemon – Lemon, 137x90cm

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Taplak meja hadir lagi dengan motif cantik dan menarik. Bahan anti air dan tidak transparan
Dari bahan kain plastik anti air dan anti minyak, kotor tinggal dilap dengan kain basah, tidak perlu dicuci atau dibilas

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Vibration chair / swing chair helps our Angels go to sleep quickly and smoothly, more deeply

Not only is the toy bar shaped with funny animals on top, but it also has funny sounds that help children feel excited to help them learn to reflect, grasp, look at objects, very Good for brain development Made of high-quality fabric, with good sweat absorbency, helps prevent back heat, sweat when sleeping.

Mothers can free their hands to do more housework than to reduce the burden of taking care of their children

Seats can be adjusted for different inclinations, so you can make a bed for your child and make a booster chair for babies. With the flexible seat adjustment up and down to help your baby eat no reflections.

Chair frame: made of steel alloy, very strong

With the convenience above, do not hesitate any longer and take away a super-cute vibrating chair for our Angels.

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Dimensi 68 × 45 × 67 cm

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    Very nice product

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    My baby loves this product

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    Quite satisfied with the product

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    Completely satisfied with the product quality

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